How To: Vision + Goals

How to Write your vision and goals!

Set your intentions and trust the process!

Life is too short to not experience your passions! If your goals don’t feel powerful now, they’re certainly not going to bring you joy or be powerful in the future! Before you get started, read this, and then the rest is up to you! Let your goals sink in! If you didn't come up with something good today, keep coming back to your V+G sheet to add or erase.

"Vision and Goals is one of our many mindful performance tools. It has been designed to help you live your fullest human potential. Whatever that looks like for you." -lululemon athletica


Spend 15 mins writing or drawing THE BEST LIFE. Write with detail from the moment that you wake up. Is it a work day? Weekend day? Ask yourself these questions...

  1. Where are you when you wake up? i.e. "The smell of coffee in the air woke me up and I roll out of my big white comfortable bed to look out the window... ocean waves are crashing along the sand. Southern California never looked so magical."

  2. How do you feel? Who are you with? What are you surroundings like? i.e. "I feel relaxed and content as I walk downstairs to the kitchen, I greet my husband with a big hug and kiss"

  3. What does your day look and feel like? Sunshine? Ocean Breeze? i.e. "I'm a business woman, a boss, I have successfully built a company and have __ employees..."

  4. What are you grateful for?

  5. What are you doing that benefits you and others?

  6. ** be creative and be honest with yourself ** Do you have kids? What car do you drive? Who are your friends? 

STEP TWO: GOALS >> 3 topics are: Finances/Career + Health + Personal/Activities

"A goal is a statement of intent—a declaration of something you want in your future. Two of the most common types of goals are achievement goals and continuous goals. Achievement goals culminate in a distinct end point." -lululemon athletica

Write your goal using definitive language, using details so you know what the end point is! You need to know when you can check it off and celebrate!

- Example of definitive language to write a goal: i.e. "I will be a certified personal trainer by November 2018"

Long-term achievement goals? Try to give yourself a task that you can achieve towards it, in the next 6 to 18 months. This will keep you focused on your big dream and can often help you achieve it sooner than you’d thought.

Continuous goal(s)? Decide how often you’ll do it and when you’ll start. Beginning mindfully and with the right tools or resources may take some preparation. Also set a review date.


- This page was made and inspired by using information and tools from the "Live Your Potential - The Practice Of Mindful Performance" Guide from lululemon athletica -