I'm a believer in Jesus, a self taught creator, accidental jewelry designer, certified personal trainer, functional fitness coach, and amateur photographer. I graduated with a degree in Radio-TV-Film from California State University Fullerton. After college, I traveled the world coaching functional fitness, not using my degree, but gaining so much from my experiences!

My fitness journey began in Southern California, then South Florida, and from there South Africa. I partnered up to open a CF affiliate gym in South Africa, and after a year of co-owning the gym, I closed that chapter, left it all behind and flew home to the States. It's been a wild adventure! I'm still moving around because, somehow, I cannot keep my feet in one spot!

Mae Cargo was once just an idea, and now it’s a sustaining + growing business. My company stems from my love of fitness and the coast. It’s the truth, I’ve always lived SO close to an ocean! In SoCal, I lived in Seal Beach, just 3 houses in from the pier. In Miami, you could see the ocean from the balcony, people paddle boarding and loving the outdoors. In Fort Lauderdale, the shore was just a short 5 minute bike ride. In South Africa, the sun would rise over the ocean… just like Lion King. And, if you were standing in my living room, you could see the whales jumping in the water. I kid you not! Ocean = home.


All pieces are handmade for women who are just like me! YES, jewelry is lovely to wear, but most jewelry breaks or tarnishes so easily! With my lifestyle, it is my belief that jewelry should be durable and last through sweat and water. I'm constantly updating, redesigning, imagining new ways to improve my product and make it one of a kind. Life is rad when you're doing what you love!

Graphic Designer + Assistant

Meet Madison

Madison is a self-taught designer from Charleston, South Carolina. Inspired by her love for creating meaningful designs, Madison finds every project to be a fun and unique challenge.

A typical day consists of an iced latte paired with a good book, cycle classes with friends, and walks with her pup, Juno.

Learn more about Madison at her studio, Indigo Velvet Studio, and view her recent projects with Mae Cargo below!