Rad By Mae Cargo

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Operating my small business, I am committed to you as my friend and guest. It is my purpose to make jewelry that inspires you to do life better and have fun! The meaning behind this necklace is intentional, because it is a balance between all the core elements that will make you successful. However you define success, this is the foundation. Move your body, eat to fuel, rest when needed, know your why and be happy! 


Today: Focus on mindful movement. Eat to fuel your body. Rest in your stillness. Live this day with purpose & joy.


This necklace is in the shape of a whole. Either in a soft pink or a turquoise. The necklace is photographed with all 14k gold fill chain. But, you do have the option to choose sterling silver.


The models are wearing between 16 inches to 17 inches in length.


This necklace can be worn in the water! The 14k gold fill is more durable than the sterling silver. However, both will last you years without tarnishing. Even better, both color chains can also be polished back to it's normal shine, if eventually dulled.


Necklaces from my shop, made with these same elements, can be worn and never taken off. I have received emails and direct messages from guests who have worn their necklaces every single day for 2-3 years!

** Please review the Care Information page for further questions **