Meet The Ambassador

ambassador Lexy Carlson: 

An Interview With Lexy!

1. If you could go to any beach or beach town in the world, where would you go? 

I would go to Sunny Isles beach in Florida. Not because it's the BEST beach out there (even though it is gorgeous!), but because it's the beach that means the most to my heart. Frankie proposed on this beach and this is where we spent our honeymoon together!

2. What is your favorite things about being a coach?

Potentially being the best part of someone’s day. Helping others see how strong, capable & beautiful they are. Creating and environment where people can come learn, have fun and make their lifestyle better!

3. What goals (your routine) do you set on a daily basis to make sure you’re on the right path to your BIG goal? Fitness/ Health/ Spiritual

I always start off my day with Jesus, whether its a quick devotion, scripture reading or prayer before I get out of bed or on my way to work. This just helps me get my heart and my mind ready for the day! At this stage in my life (career change, newly married, most likely moving back to Texas soon) I don't put a lot of pressure on myself as far as BIG, long term goals. I am thinking about and living life more day-to-day than I ever have in my life. So this might sound dumb or overly simple but my daily goals go something like this: Jesus/love my husband/clean eating/drink lots of water/workout to feel good and maintain my health/be a light and blessing to those around me in the process.    

4. What do you think about when you’re going for a 1RM/ do you play a certain song? 

Fun fact - I don't go for 1RM's that often. I've found that I personally PR when I least expect it vs. when I'm putting pressure on myself. BUT when I am going for a PR attempt I usually start about 5 feet away from the bar or weight and close my eyes. I visualize myself doing the lift perfectly - strong, perfect form, breathing...a successful attempt! Then as soon as the vision is over I open my eyes, walk straight to the bar and GO. I don't waste time thinking about it or else I'll freak myself out and it'll never happen haha.

5. Describe the best day of your life. Past or Future!

Honestly...the moment I give birth to a little baby Carlson. Watching that miracle happen & seeing the emotion on my husband’s face! Being in awe of what God & the two of us created. I don’t think there could be a better day in my life than the day I become a mom for the first time...other than the day I got married 😉that was like a freaking fairytale 

6. What is your favorite bible verse/ quote

Oh gosh haha I literally have so many! So i'll give you my favorite Bible verse that has been my favorite for a long time, and I'll also give you the one that has been speaking to my heart the most lately over the last few weeks: 

*Hebrews 6:19 - "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure..."

*Isaiah 26:3 - "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, whose eyes are fixed on you."

7. If you were going on a trip by ….
….plane ride, where would you go….?

Plane ride: Back home to Texas forever! (which is in the works right now) haha

Car ride: I've been wanting to take Frankie to Colorado, specifically Estes Park. This is a family tradition vacation spot for my side of the family, and we always drive. The 2 day car ride/caravan is just as awful and exhausting as it is hilariously fun and memorable. So I can't wait to experience that with him and our little family someday soon! 

8. Top 3 songs on your sound track that you’re listening to now! 

Ok a lot of diversity here haha but here it goes...

1. Simple - by Florida Georgia Line

2. Go Bang - by PNAU

3. Safe Place - by Laney Rene (she's a new and upcoming Christian artist)

9. Favorite place to sweat: gym/beach/track/pool/… we know your favorite movement is the back squat… what is your
Least favorite movement…

My favorite place to sweat is most definitely the beach! I've always been a sun/beach/water girl.

My second place would actually probably be the pool - I used to be a competitive swimmer and it's secretly my favorite sport/form of fitness! 

But I spend most, if not all of my time sweating in the gym - which is totally fine because I love it too :)


My least favorite movement...probably hang squat cleans. Any time I see it in my programming (especially the conditioning portion) I'm just like "ugh ok time to be in a lot of pain and probably die." haha