Charming Strings (Listing 1)

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All charms are listed below in order from top to bottom, left to right. 

Charm descriptions:

 First Line: Star Fish, Green Palm Tree, White Water Drop

Second Line: Airplane, Lips, Pineapple

Third Line: Ice Cream Cone, White Palm Tree, Blue Water Drop

Fourth Line: Pink Cross

String Color Description:

1. Black 2. Dark brown 3. Khaki 4. Mustard Brown 5. White

6. Grey 7. Yellow 8. Red 9. Pink 10. Neon Green


1. Choose your charm 

2. Choose your string color

This listing is for one charm + string combination of your choice. The string and charm will come threaded together, which can then be worn as a necklace/ bracelet/ anklet.

This piece of jewelry will not come with a clasp for easy removal. This piece can be tied on for an every day sweat proof wear.