"Rad By Nikki" Moon Ring

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The Nikki 2.0 Ring!

This is the first ring @nikkirica and I @katemaeronc_ designed together. We chose to keep the moon design! Just like her crescent moon necklace, which you can see here.


Completely sterling silver. The top of the ring ( the part that is not on your skin ) is brushed to give it a matte finish. The synthetic opal blue turquoise stone is encased delicately, making it like a pretty little star.


The ring is adjustable to any size and any finger. The front closure can be pinched tighter or be made for more room.

This ring is durable. However, I do not suggest doing any barbell work while wearing a metal ring

The Inspiration

“ the moon is a powerful reminder that we can be beautiful no matter how much of ourselves we choose to bare. that we can be cherished even when we change - when we regress and when we grow. that each of our phases are worthy. but we are at our most remarkable ( unforgettable ) when we are full and wholly ourselves.” - Poetry by Becca Lee Poetry @beccaleepoetry