Rad By Manders | Pearl

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This necklace is a collaboration between Mae Cargo and Simply Manders! We have worked on this necklace for a long time, to bring you the best of the best! Made for women who are active and sweat!

The chain on this necklace is the best chain yet! It will hold up if you are a little rough with your jewelry.

The chains are made with sterling silver or gold fill chains. Both are durable, however, it is up to the owner to maintain the integrity of the necklace. The necklace is designed for women rough on their jewelry, however, it’s a matter of science too. If you take good care of your necklace, your necklace will last longer. The gold fill chain in particular, I would recommend removing the necklace before entering water, and if wet, pat dry. This will make sure ensure longevity of your jewelry. The sterling silver chain can be polished back to it’s original shine as well.

Each pearl is unique and genuine making each necklace one of a kind.

Please remove all jewelry before working with your barbell in the front racked position. No exchanges for lengths.

 ALL PEARLS HAVE DENTS/ LINES/ IMPERFECTIONS/LOPSIDED >> No refunds, No exchanges are available.

** Disclaimer: All pearls are REAL. They were foraged by water, literally. Meaning, nothing in nature is perfect. Your pearl will be unique and one of a kind. Some have lines, some are slightly different in size and color. If you’re wondering if you can choose your own pearl, the response is sadly no. But don’t worry, you are in good hands with Kate because everything is handmade!**

The unique + genuine pearl necklace by athlete @simplymander ! Manders is wearing 15” in length because she has a tiny neck. To best measure the length that’s best for your neck, take a piece of string and wrap it around your neck to measure, then measure the string… the necklace should not be worn as a tight choker. It should instead lay nicely like Manders is wearing! :)

Necklace Details: This necklace is designed for women who are active and sweat a lot! We’ve tested it! An everyday wear to the gym, to the beach, or even to dinner and a movie. This never been used before round box chain is delicate yet durable and made with 100% sterling silver or the gold fill box chain. Don’t worry about jewelry that turns your skin weird colors because quality here is key. Choose between 4 genuine pearl colors. All pearls are genuinely that color, no dyes or stains. Just a real 100% pearl. Each order will come with mini box to keep. Yours to keep when removing your necklace for any front racked position barbell work.

Inspiration - Song “Pearl”

“I used to be a shell
I let him rule my world.

But I woke up and grew strong.
I can still go on.
No one can take my pearl.

You don't have to be a shell.
You're the one that rules your world.
You are strong!
You'll learn that you
can still go on.
And you'll always be a pearl.”